7 Best Vitamins For Healthy Growing Hair


Women are always worried about their hair getting dull and lifeless, what attributes best for this problem is vitamins for healthy hair. Not many women are aware that most of the time when they are suddenly going through an intense hair loss and skin damage it is because of a dangerously low amount of vitamins and vital nutrients. The body becomes unable to compensate in place of the gap created due to the absence of these essential vitamins and minerals.

Our body does not only work on the basis of carbohydrates, proteins or water, there are many essential vitamins and minerals that make up a huge chunk of the nutritional balance involved in the smooth working of the body. So whenever you feel like there is something missing or messing up with your hair remember to run a checklist over your routine vitamin consumption. For those who are not aware of what vitamins are best for how to make hair grow faster, we have populated a list just for your kind knowledge.

  1. Vitamin E:

Vitamin E, as shared by many experts is said to be the most important vitamin for the hair and skin. Sad enough, many women are unaware of its effectiveness on the overall health of the hair. Vitamin E deficiency often causes hair to break apart and even changes the natural texture of the hair. The effectiveness of vitamin E can be known by picking up most of the hair care product available on drugstore shelves and finding it as an essential part of the ingredients. Naturally, we can find vitamin E in all kinds of beans, mostly the green vegetables and also the nuts.

But as far as the use of vitamin E is concerned, one must make sure not to exceed the daily recommended dose of the vitamin (around 400 IUs/day) as this might cause unnecessary thinning of blood in the body.

  1. Vitamin A:

We have mostly heard about vitamin A and its effectiveness on the skin as it is known to be a great tightening agent and is especially present in ant-aging creams. The name of the substance present in those creams is called, ‘retinol’. The positive aspect of the vitamin is that it helps in the secretion of natural oils from the scalp that nourishes the skin of the scalp along with the roots of the hair. The natural oils flow down from the roots to the tips strengthening the overall bond and texture of the strands. Vitamin A is also essential as an antioxidant involved in the removal of free radicals from the body. Carrots, Cod liver oil and spinach are the richest sources of vitamin A.

Though, a continuously high intake of the vitamin shall A result in a reverse action causing  further hair loss rather than a healthy growth.

  1. Biotin:

This might be one of the most commonly consumed hair supplement by women, in the world. Also known as vitamin H, Biotin in real is part of B-complex vitamins but is attributed separately because of its innumerable benefits. The fact remains that Biotin is found to be a water soluble compound hence no matter what your range of daily intake is, you will still at some point require external use of the vitamin.

There are many readily available hair growth supplements that contain Biotin as the core ingredient. Brown rice, lentils, oats and peas are the most common foods to find rich source of Biotin.

  1. Vitamin B5:

Vitamin B5 known as Pantothenic Acid is a water soluble vitamin that works to prevent premature graying hair. Women have the foremost concern of retaining their natural hair color with the advancement of age. To get into the fuss of hair dying every other month is more than a headache. Plus constant use of chemicals on top of the head also ruins the strength and texture of the hair that then leads to hair loss. The vitamin is also responsible for the cleansing of dead skin from the top of scalp resulting in better and healthier hair growth, as hair follicles have a clear surface to grow from.

Also Pantothenic acid works towards the strengthening of individual hair follicles which thus prevents unnecessary hair loss. You possibly don’t need to worry about the intake of vitamin B5 as it is naturally available in a lot of foods.

  1. Inositol:

Inositol is not a very commonly named vitamin and thus not many people know about it or its functionality. This vitamin was classified in the category of vitamin B but there are latest researches that are categorizing it as a nutrient rather than a vitamin. It is known to serve a lot of purposes for the well-being of the body.  The best thing about Inositol is that it is naturally produced within the body as a byproduct of the breakdown of glucose. Other than that, it can be taken as part of the following foods; Whole grain breads, citrus fruits (nectarines, grape fruit, orange) and beans (kidney, green and lima).

This nutrient/vitamin is responsible for the natural generation of the substance Keratin which is the main element of hair and nails. A diet that is completely deprived of Inositol has been researched to result in very rapid hair loss and even baldness.

  1. Niacin:

Previously known as nicotinic acid, Niacin also belongs to the category of B-vitamin as vitamin B3. Niacin is a very effective source of flushing the body with good blood. Where for many individuals, adequate supply of blood to different parts and organs is a serious issue, niacin helps prevent this problem. Niacin or vitamin B3 is named as the ‘flush’ vitamin for it increases the flow of blood throughout the body.

Thus, it also allows the scalp to receive ample amount of blood that increases the scalp nourishment and overall strength of the hair follicles and cells. This flushing agent is even responsible for maintaining hormonal balance in the body because it is indeed due to hormonal imbalance that most women suffer from rapid hair loss.

  1. Vitamin C:

Not many women would be able to relate vitamin C with the concept of promoting healthy hair growth but this vitamin along with the other vitamins and nutrients discussed in the post are best for promoting new hair growth and strengthening the overall texture of the hair. Vitamin C deficiency results in the dryness of hair and split ends which are the ultimate threat to healthy hair growth.

Vitamin C works as an antioxidant that reduces the amount of free radicals from the body that is continuously produced as a result of chemical breakdown of food. It also eradicates dandruff and flaky skin from the scalp that are the reason behind hindering fresh hair growth. Vitamin C can be naturally found in a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Proper and healthy hair growth requires that you nourish your scalp with proper hot oil massages and balanced intake of foods that are rich source of vitamins and minerals. Always make ways to add in fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet because they play a vital role in providing ample amounts of vitamins mentioned in the article that promote healthy hair growth.