You Have Got Plenty of Good Reasons To Smile! You Only Need To Know Them


There are times in life when it can be difficult to smile. It may be because you just broke up or because you had a bad day at work. The right thing to do is to know what you are blessed with and be thankful for it. It is also necessary to know that life’s not a bed of roses any one. With pluses, we have also negatives but the blending of the both makes life. At any time in your life, you have got plenty of good reasons to smile! And if you are not feeling that much blessed, check out these things that count as blessings but we so often ignore these things in our lives. 

10- Smiles Improve your Mood

We communicate our mood by our facial impressions. Impulses originating from emotions in the brain transform our face to give up different expressions. According to latest researches, forcing a smile makes our mood align itself with our facial expression. Smiling is a great way to induce some happiness when you are feeling particularly down. The good news is that even fake smiles can work this way. So even if it is tough to do so, you should try and force a smile. 

9- It Makes You Approachable

According to a recent study, when employees in the customer care departments wore welcoming smiles, their dealing and the response of customers improve significantly. Smiling helps the other person ease into conversation with you, and it has an impact on the satisfaction of the customers. In everyday life, you are likely to win friends faster with a smile. 

8- Smile Reduces Stress

According to a latest journal by psychological scientists, smiling while performing a stressful and difficult task significantly reduced heart rate and blood pressure after the exercise ended. This indicates that smiling brings about a significant reduction in heart beat rate and it reduces hypertension equally fast. You have got plenty of good reasons to smile! Even if you don’t feel like smiling, you should do it for the sake of your health. Smile to cure stres and in a few minutes, you will feel like smiling naturally! 

7- They Make you More Creative

This may come as a surprise, but flexing those facial muscles get your creative juices flowing. Researches have proved this phenomenon by showing that people who tend to be happier have a more comprehensive approach to problems. This allows them to work out more possibilities and arrive at the best solutions quicker and more frequently. This is related to the release of dopamine. It is triggered by happiness, and this hormone is involved in learning. 

6- It Makes You Seem Trustworthy

As compared to any other expression, smiling will make you look much more trustworthy. Researchers have made significant discoveries in this domain, proving that smiling is essential for workplace as well as domestic dealings. If you are doing a job which frequently requires for you to confront and deal with customers, you should smile more often but in a genuine way.


5- Pump Immune System

Smiling decreases stress, and it prevents the sympathetic nervous system from kicking in. Thus, by smiling you induce most systems of your body to work at an optimal pace. This also includes the immune system. Smiling frequently will help you ward off common infections including flu and cold, and it will allow your body to circulate white blood cells faster and more accurately. 

4- It Improves Longevity

According to statistics and studies, by making it a habit to smile frequently, you add as much as seven years to your life. This is due to the fact, that smiling improves our immune system thus making us more resistant to infections and diseases. Thus you have got plenty of good reasons to smile! Longevity is one of these reasons, and it is sufficient incentive to make you smile more often each day. 

3- Smiles are Contagious!

That’s another great thing about smiling. It is contagious; it spreads from one person to another. People tend to reciprocate and imitate anyone smiling, so if a single person decides to wear a broad smile in a group, it will gradually spread to the entire group. Smiling has so many benefits, and this way, by smiling in a group you spread those benefits to the other people around you. This is explained on a cellular level by the presence of mirror neurons, which enable us to imitate other people’s expressions. 

2- It Release Endorphins

Smiling manages anxiety and stress considerably by releasing endorphins. These are chemicals that induce happiness. These are the very chemical which are released as a consequence of exercise and cardio workouts. Smiling will enhance your mood and it will make you feel peaceful even if your day has been pretty hectic and stressful. The happiness that comes after cardio is known as “runners high” now you can experience that bliss without having to run for it. 

1- It Makes You a Better Leader

If you are running a business, and have to deal with your employees frequently or if you have an administrative job, smiling is going to make you feel a lot better. For some businesses and jobs, smiling might just be the key to your success. It is an effective leadership technique because it implores your subordinates to obey and follow you. Besides, it will help to remove the atmosphere of stress from you workplace or office. Thus smiling is important for bosses and employees alike.

There are unlimited reasons to smile. A frequent smiler knows that his own mood is dependent on smiling. Recently researchers have even indicated that smiling is essential for physical health. Other researchers have proved that smiling improves our creativity and our tendency to be more optimistic. Smiling can make you feel peaceful even if you are going through a stressful day. Besides, a person who smiles frequently is more likely to be successful at his or her job. You have got plenty of good reasons to smile and these reasons are sufficient incentive to motivate you into smiling more often.