Beauty Tips: 10 Therapeutic Powers of Water for your Body and Glam


Keeping the body and the skin hydrated is very important for both your health and your beauty. The daily requirement of water is a universal knowledge, but we mostly fail to achieve that standard. Needless to say that the benefits of increasing your water consumption are endless, ranging from a narrower waistline to healthier skin and improved metabolism. If you are conscious about your skin and health, here are some therapeutic powers of water for your body and glam. These simple tips can make a lot of difference for anyone.

10- Detox

This is a therapeutic power of water for the body which is hard to ignore. It goes without saying that extra quantities of water intake will help us flush out toxins which are regularly produced in our body. The improvement of detoxification activities of the body after intake of water is due to the fact that water improves body metabolism. Detox is soon to follow. Keeping the body sufficiently hydrated means that your metabolism and toxin levels in blood are both at healthy levels.

9- Weight Loss

Water has a considerable satiety value, which means that on drinking water, one feels full and the appetite for food decrease. This promotes a drop in caloric intake. Weight loss is made easier with increased amount of intake of water. This has been proven by studies that two glasses of water before any meal will lead to a drop in food intake by 75 to 90 calories!

8- Younger Skin

Water is a great remedy against aging. It combats skin dryness and accumulation of toxins on the skin. The consequence is that it speeds up the process of formation of new skin. You get rid of unwanted wrinkles and dark spots and it makes the skin more radiant. This is the simplest beauty tip and it is incredibly effective. This is one of the therapeutic powers of water for your body and glam, that you should not ignore.

7- Makes your Happier

This is a major benefit of water intake which affects both your health and your beauty. Water encourages flow of blood throughout the body. This enhances the flow of nutrients and hormones. Endorphins are released as a consequence and it makes one feel a lot happier. Drinking water will make you smile more often. Your body will also feel healthier. As a consequence, you will look better as well as feel better.

6- Brighter Eyes

One of the quick effects of sufficient hydration is that the tear glands increase secretion. The eyes immediately look considerably more clear, sparkly and alive. Combine that with the younger skin which is another benefit of drinking water and you will look a lot younger and more radiant. This enhances the facial beauty greatly.

5- Skin Hydration

With an increase in intake of water, the blood flow increases in all parts of the body including the skin. Increase in the circulation of the skin means that toxic substances are removed quickly. The hair are supplied with ample nutrition, thus making them healthier. The skin cells are replaced at a quicker pace and dryness of skin is prevented on a deeper level. These are all benefits of skin hydration brought about by an increase in water intake.

4- It Improves Concentration

You are likely to stay more active and alert during the day if your intake of water is sufficient. This is a benefit on its own. What’s more is that the consequence is better sleep. A better quality of sleep also means better skin quality and more radiant skin. This is a great benefit of drinking extra water. It essentially improves both your brain activity and skin glow. This is one of the most important therapeutic powers of water for your body and glam.

3- It Fights Disorders of Skin

Dehydration or deficiency of certain vitamins especially vitamin D can lead to skin diseases and problems. Drinking enough water can be a lot of help if you are seeking treatment for skin problems like eczema, wrinkles and psoriasis. These disorders mostly require boosted vitamin D intake and superficial application of medicine. But the effect of your treatment is increased greatly with an increase in intake of water.

2- Showers

The benefits of a nice cool shower are manifold. Water rejuvenates the skin and detoxifies the superficial body tissues completely. More than that, it is soothing for the nerves. One feels relaxed and this helps to get relaxed after a difficult day. Even more effective is three to four minutes in a bathtub. It rejuvenates the skin. Any longer is harmful because it leads to removal of natural oils from the skin. Bathing regularly can help reduce dark spots around the eyes and it can also help in preventing skin dryness.

1- Cold Water Compress

A cold water compress can help to reduce dilations and inflammations which often occur under the eye. The effect is quick to show which is why it is a great way to reduce inflammation temporarily. The alternative method is splashes of cold water on the eyes. If tiredness or lack of sleep is causing eye puffiness, this is the perfect remedy for that. This effect is achieved because water on evaporation causes cooling of the skin. That cooling reduces all forms of inflammation.

The adult body comprises 55 to 75 percent water. That means that water forms a great part of the body and it has to be replenished continuously. Every system and every organ of our body counts on water to maintain its optimal function and so water is the lifeline of the entire world. Experts suggest 8 glasses of water every day as a minimum and an adult should try to drink more water each day. There are many reasons to try to meet that standard. Check out these therapeutic powers of water for your body and glam. Simple as they seem, these health benefits are cumulatively very effective in enhancing both your health and your beauty.