Why Is It Necessary To Keep Yourself From Sugar Face Phenomenon?


Sugar face phenomenon refers to what sugar can do to your face. The sweet culprit is not only bad for your health but also bad for your skin. Wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, a pallid complexion, lines and wrinkles on the upper forehead, sagging under the eyes, thinning of the skin and acne are characteristic features of a sugar face phenomenon. If you are consuming a lot of sugar, you may have all or any of these issues. The question why is it necessary to keep yourself from sugar face phenomenon is self-explanatory. If you want to look younger and beautiful, which you surely do, you must avoid sugar or least reduce sugar intake to a safe level. Let’s have a look at harms that sugar can do?

  1. It accelerates ageing

Collagen and elastin are proteins that keep your skin elastic and firm thus giving you a wrinkle-free smart look. Sugar undergoes a process known as glycation, in which sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins and forms molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These AGEs play a big role in ageing. They damage collagen and elastin due to which these proteins become dry and brittle. This leads to sagging and wrinkles. Wrinkled face is what everyone fears! You should keep yourself from sugar in order to save your skin from damage or to be more precise, in order to avoid having the grand ma type look.

  1. It increases the risk of diabetes

You definitely agree that prevention is better than cure, right? High sugar intake paves path for diabetes to walk on and hit your system. Injecting insulin into your body is not easy, it is important to take the precautionary measures to prevent this disease, especially if you have a family history of diabetes. Sugary foods result in rapid sugar load which leads to dramatic fluctuations in insulin level. Continued excessive sugar intake causes insulin-resistance and hence becomes ultimately the prime reason of diabetes. Now how is it related to your face? It has definitely a strong link! Diabetes is known to accelerate ageing so sugar or ‘white poison’ speeds up ageing both directly and indirectly.

  1. Acne

High sugar intake is linked to pimples and acne which is an important reason as to why is it necessary to keep yourself from sugar face phenomenon. It can be prevented if you keep your insulin levels low, which means, you have to keep sugar intake to a safe level. It is not that sugar should be completely eliminated from diet. No matter how harmful it is, we cannot give it up altogether. That is why it is said that sugar intake should be carefully monitored and measured.

  1. It ruins your complexion

Your snow white complexion will say good bye to you in no time if you don’t say good bye to sugary foods. The reason is glycation. Sugar not only makes it harder for skin to maintain its glow and complexion but also messes with the skin’s ability to heal itself. It gives your face a dull look where it no longer looks beautiful and fresh. A pallor complexion and dull skin is the price you will have to pay to savor on desserts and sweets. Say no to sugary temptations in order to save your complexion from getting ruined.

  1. Dark Circles around Eyes

Sugar is a dehydrating agent; it absorbs moisture and increases oil production. Skin becomes less bouncy, appears deoxygenated and that’s not it! This also leads to the development of dark circles around your eyes. It certainly tarnishes the beauty and freshness of your look. So if you are trying to get rid of ugly circles, first begin to lessen the use of sugar in your daily intake that is messing with your beauty and exposing you to sugar face phenomenon.

  1. Redness and Rashes

Why is it necessary to keep yourself from sugar face phenomenon? The answer is that it can cause redness and irritation on your face and on other parts of your body as well. This is mainly due to the inflammatory properties of sugar. The beauty that you dream of cannot become a reality if your skin looks diseased. You will have to apply additional layers of concealer to hide the rashes and redness. It is not only about the appearance, inflammation also causes irritation which surely is troublesome. You can avoid all this just by compromising a little and avoiding sugar as you possibly can.

  1. Go with the recommendations of NHS

There is good news for those who find it hard to abandon intake of sugar! NHS recommends that you can consume 30 grams of sugar per day. It means that consuming 30 grams in your daily routine doesn’t mess with your facial beauty. However, if you want to look even more beautiful, you should decrease sugar intake even further. There are reports that quitting sugary foods can reverse ageing and make you look younger again. Transformation of a sugar face to a healthy looking beautiful face is a really big achievement. There are many who are trying to reverse what sugar did to their face and many have succeeded in that. Start today, eat healthy green vegetables and all the amazing foods that are not only good for your skin but also good for your health. Keeping your taste buds happy is not as important as keeping yourself fit, healthy and beautiful.

Sugar is bad for your health, weight and above all for your facial appearance. It provides you the best reason as to why is it necessary to keep yourself from sweeteners to avoid sugar face phenomenon. While many people find it difficult, it should be noted that the delight sugary foods give you is far less than the problems they can cause you. You might not be health-conscious or weight-conscious so these reasons might not have forced you to stop or reduce sugar intake but everyone is beauty-conscious. Isn’t it? After getting to know what sugar can do to your face, you must think of using it in minimum quantity.