Communicate with your Child for Personality Building

The first time being a mom can be confusing and frustrating. For moms, it is not easy to understand what their baby...

It is okay to feel sad at times!

Feelings and emotions are something that makes us human. We cannot avoid feeling and brush off emotions all the time. Everyone feels...

Follow Corona Hygiene for Healthy Living

After months of quarantine and living a home-based life there must be a few hygiene habits that we might have incorporated into...

Is your Child Suffering from Depression?

Depression is a serious and common mental illness. Fortunately, it is treatable. This illness can have drastic effects on your mental...

10 Reasons – Why Do Women Love To Change Their Men?

Men and women have very different personalities. A major thing that nurtures disappointments in relationships is the desire of women to change their men....

5 Signs That Your Kid Is Lying To You

Mothers have to face to a lot in terms of bringing up their children in the best of ways. Because with the immensely evolved...

Egotism-Adverse Effects Of Ego On Our Personality

There are two egos which build up our personality 'positive and negative' ego as we need both light and dark to be whole. Ego...

Do People Frightened You? Facts Of Social Phobia

Social anxiety is basically a social phobia in which a person has fear of society, social gatherings, different people, social situations and events. It...

Life By Choice To Recreate And Rejoice

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time we feel exhausted, overwhelmed, stretched too thin. And start doing things, never wanted to. And things you...

Different Types Of Human Memory-Remembering

Memory is the mental capacity to store, recall or to recognize the past experienced event. The term "remembering" is used to mean either retaining...

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