Egotism-Adverse Effects Of Ego On Our Personality

There are two egos which build up our personality 'positive and negative' ego as we need both light and dark to be whole. Ego...

Do People Frightened You? Facts Of Social Phobia

Social anxiety is basically a social phobia in which a person has fear of society, social gatherings, different people, social situations and events. It...

Life By Choice To Recreate And Rejoice

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time we feel exhausted, overwhelmed, stretched too thin. And start doing things, never wanted to. And things you...

Different Types Of Human Memory-Remembering

Memory is the mental capacity to store, recall or to recognize the past experienced event. The term "remembering" is used to mean either retaining...

Asking Is Better Than Making Assumptions

Questioning May Reduce Complications Assumptions can ruin healthy relationships, its better to ask than to assume. It will add to your knowledge and memory, it...

Emotions-Specific Feelings Built In Personalities

Emotions are basically our feelings, they are cognitive aspect but physical sensation. It has a great concern with consciousness. Emotion motivate, trigger and direct...
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