Egotism-Adverse Effects Of Ego On Our Personality


There are two egos which build up our personality ‘positive and negative’ ego as we need both light and dark to be whole. Ego can built self-confidence as well as self-obsession. But excess in negativity leads you to experience adverse effects of ego on your personality. Negative ego results in these factors which have bad impacts on our behavior toward others. The negativity can deliberately inflict our personalities the egotism takes place. When Egoism grows it converts to “Egotism” which is an exaggerated sense of self-importance.


Narcissist consider themselves more intelligent, like able, attractive than others. They tend to have more abilities, power-oriented and exaggerate their activities. Such statement direct us to the result that usually narcissist are aware that they are ‘narcissist’. Narcissism results in egotism.

Formation Of Grudges

Anger is the basic emotion which destroys other emotions. It forms grudges when you lose the association with others and stop compromising over situations anger over come all th emotional states.

Imposing Your Will On Others

When people do not agree with your opinion and you try to impose on them, such statement happens when one is suffering from egotism.


Influence Over Relationships

The factors of negative ego ruins relationships. Because one person with negative ego wants to rule over other. To dominate other brutly spoils the smoothness of  your relation and starts to create complications.

Seize Out The Sense Of Association

“Biggest Gain Is To Associate With The People You Don’t Like”.

But when it comes to negative ego it strains the sense to communicate or associate with others who step a head against your will. They feel insulted when someone ‘rejects’ them or their ideas and try to take revenge.

Absence Of Concentration

Egoistic people can’t just pay attention towards their work or any matter cause the sense of supremacy let their peace away.

Self-Regulation Failure

Self-Regulation is managing the ego with the good and bad as well. When you are suffering from egotism you go helpless in self-regulation. You loses how to balance between good and bad. And negative aspects leads you to negative paths.

Negative impacts of ego can be more worse. We should control such emotions which strikes such evil in our personalities to make them broken and devastated.