Asking Is Better Than Making Assumptions


Questioning May Reduce Complications

Assumptions can ruin healthy relationships, its better to ask than to assume. It will add to your knowledge and memory, it may be helpful in decision making, help you to identify the unknown. It will urge you to discover new ideas, thoughts. It may foster your critics.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” -Albert Einstein

Problem with making assumptions is that we believe them that these are the truth. We make assumptions, we believe them, we misunderstand, trust them without any logic, ending up with lot of drama.

In any relationship we just starts to assume that other person will do this and that for us or knows what we think or wants to do just because they are close to us, and then we stick to this thought resulting in “disappointment”.

Assumption always gives birth to expectations or misunderstandings. The courage to ask may keep yourself from making assumptions, once you got the answers you won’t be assuming things at all because you came to know the truth.

Asking good and productive questions can get us what we want,the advantages of asking can make any bond strong on reality basis.

  • Avoid Arguments
  • Strong Communication
  • Better Understanding
  • Exchange Of Ideas
  • Encourages The Emotions
  • Shows Your Concern And Care
  • Gives You Control And Attention
  • Provides Information
  • Improves Your Learning Skills

Such advantages of asking may keep us of creating stories in our heads which have nothing to do with reality. Asking versus assumptions can save you from stress and grief. To discuss and committed tell truth about things to eliminate assumption which naturally arise, makes the relationship healthy and to grow well.