How Easy It Is To Be Comfortably True To Yourself


The biggest problem and fear of an individual is to admit things to self. We can admit facts to the world, we can admit mistakes with our family and friends, we can even admit quite a bit with our partners and spouses but the biggest leap that a man ever takes is to commit and admit to oneself. Because if you admit a certain hard reality with yourself, it is like you have found the closure to your never ending misery and this, we suppose is human nature that man never really wants to come out of his misery no matter how tiny it might be.

One expects quite a few things from the people who are in their close circle. Sometimes the other person succeeds and the other time they fail to pull themselves up the ladder of your expectations and when that happens we all know what kind of mixed emotions we all go through. It is quite often said that, expectation is the root of all heartache. And this might be the biggest truth in the history of the world but an even bigger truth is that when someone else lets you down there are chances for you to forget and forgive but when you, yourself fail to reach the summit of your expectations the heartbreak then, is a completely different journey. Just as the world asks you to be soft and understanding with the people you are always interacting with, there are certain relationship rules regarding being cool, towards yourself. Philosophical thoughts confuses the mind when it states that man has different sets of personalities, and in all those personalities with family, friends, colleague or lover he has one or two aspects that are different of each other but the only personality that no one actually knows about is secured within themselves. Thus, no man can actually take the responsibility of knowing the other. With all these personalities overlapping one forgets to remember what it was to be on your own, irrespective of worrying about of what others will be thinking of you. It isn’t really hard to bring the comfortable truth back to yourself only if you understand and practice these basic things that get the attribute of expectation away from you.

  1. Do Not Try To Fit In Where You Can’t:

Our biggest problem created through the pressures imparted by the society is to fit into specific socially approved molds. The society in the form of parents, friends, popular people in your immediate environment, celebrities, successful people all of these give away an impression that if you do not act in a certain way, you shall not be expected as a part of them. This is what gets all the things totally chaotic inside the brain. You live, breathe, work, laugh, cry and speak only in accordance with the set standards and forget what it was or how it was easy to be like yourself. Why do people love kids? The simplest and truest answer to it is that because kids give a damn to whoever things whatever about them and they say and do whatever the hell they want, completely out of innocence. To be true to yourself, is to keep that kid alive inside of you who do not cares what the people around think of them, but what do they think of themselves. If people cannot accept you for how you speak or react in agreement or disagreement with others than we think they should take their own way.

  1. Accept Yourself Including Your Flaws:

You don’t necessarily look like another super model and neither are you set to break any records academically or financially, so what is the fuss all about, anyway? Why would you think that there would be no fault in you and that you would’ve have been brought to this world in a euphoric situation where the angels were singing and the earth celebrating. You are just another being on the planet who is sometimes good at one and the other times bad at something else. Be accepting of who you are even if it matters that you are the worst version of yourself. If you cannot fry a perfect a sunny side fried egg, then the world is not going to come to an end, just learn to cheer up about that hard fried egg.

  1. To Lie Is To Sin:

One of the basic teachings of childhood is to speak the truth and never ever go on the path that brings out the false. But sad enough, these teachings turn out to be quite hypocritical and diplomatic when they are switched and used at times of your elderly’s interest. Your mom teaches you to never lie about eating a cookie, secretly. Than the very next moment the kid witnesses her lying to their father about something that she had done previously is what determines the actual teaching that is the practical application. With time and age the more you will lie about things in your life, the more stressed out your brain will be, since the poor thing will be lost keeping a grand record of all the lies being told on a hundred different occasions with a dozen different people and then to keep afresh about what new innovation you would have added to your previous lie is pure despair. Stand up with the truth for the sake of your own sanity. More truth means fewer bullsh*t.

It doesn’t really matter how it feels to see yourself through the eyes of the other, what should matter is to see yourself through the eyes of your heart because you emotions are the ones that determine your consciousness and a good/satisfied consciousness puts forward a confident individual in front of the world.