What is the difference between the high-neck and turtleneck?


Turtlenecks are the fashion statement of this winter. There is confusion between turtlenecks and high-necks. This ambiguity has started a debate on social media. People seem busy finding out the difference between a turtleneck and a high neck. Some of them are of a viewpoint that turtlenecks and high-necks are two names of one thing. Whereas others say that the two of them are way different from each other. There is another group that is only there to enjoy the vibe. So as these knitted sweats are the new talking of town so we decided to give a shot at them. And don’t forget to tell us on which side you are?

Quick Flashback

Back in time, high necks were introduced for safety purposes. They were designed for the protection of the knights. To cover the neck (as it is the sensitive part) the idea of high necks was introduced to protect the necks of soldiers against the brutal attacks of enemies in wars.

Basic Motive

Turtle necks and high necks are used to cover the neck on cold days of winter. We use them to keep the neck warm and safe from the cold. It strains the chances of getting cold, stiffening of neck muscles, and frozen shoulders. Other than this turtle necks or high necks these days. They look simple yet classy with a cozy vibe. You can flaunt your look by matching these elegant pieces with blazers, long coats, or anything. They give a fine look with comfort.


Usually, turtlenecks are knitted shirts/sweaters which have a long round neck garment to cover the neck. The extended portion gets to fold upside down which thickens the layering. Turtle necks are a close-fitting collar that folds over and covers the neck. These folded down turtle necks are stitched at the end. Layers make the turtle neck look goofy, thick, and warm.

High neck

High necks have the same properties as turtlenecks but both are a bit different. The high neck also has an extended round neck garment but it doesn’t get folded. It covers the neck from the cold but does not create layering on the neck. They are flat and comfortable as they move with the body. High necks can be of different heights like semi neck sweaters or sweatshirts. They cover half of the neck only.

Warm and GoofyClose Fitting Knitted Sweats
Extended Neck No Exaggerated Neck
Extra LayeringSingle Layer
Cozy and ComfortableCozy
Quite a Loose FittingSlim Fit
Gets FoldedWorks as Body Warmer as well

Style your Turtleneck

There are thousands of ways you can style your turtleneck. Here you can find some amazing ideas to style your outfit in a unique way. For some good and trendy suggestions read the ideas below:

Long Boots

Long boots are always in trend you can style them your way. You can wear them with long boots for a chic look. Select long boots or rider shoes to create a different look. You can grace your turtle neck with leopard boots or can go for some bold ankle shoes.

Crossbody Bags

Accessories are the highlight of your outfit. This detailing completes your look in an amazing way. You can style your turtleneck with long-chain crossbody bags as they are the new pick. Strap cross body bags also give your outfit a complete look. 

Long, Double-Breasted Coats

If you want to carry a simple and classic look go for a long coat. Basic turtleneck with a long coat, you can select the color of your own choice as long-coats are classy anyway. Moreover, double-breast coats and jackets are also in trend. You can carry one of them with your turtleneck.

High-Neck Styling

Pair your high-neck with skinny jeans or bell-bottom trousers. Denim bell-bottoms are back in trend and they give your outfit a vintage look. To steal the show it is a BIG yes!


Pick a checkered skirt or monotone of your loved color and pair it with your high-neck for a perfect prime look. If you want to try something different then you should try sleeveless coats over your high neck. Flaunt your look with stilettos and complete it with a handbag.

Mini Bags

Mini bags are the new talk of fashion towns. You can carry a mini handbag with your high neck look as it gives your outfit a glamorous touch. Moreover, you can give your outfit a unique look with waist bags as they fit with jeans and boot cut pants.

Try out something new!

You can carry your own style statement by adding anything to your outfit for a perfect look. Turtlenecks and high-necks are always a better option even if you are in a rush to decide what to wear. They make your office look a complete one with finely knitted sweats. For parties, you can go for basic knits and add any outerwear with them. Shimmery jackets are also a shiny grab to wear on your basic high-neck.

So what are you waiting for? Now you have enough information about the difference between high-necks and turtlenecks. Go get yours and rock the event or go fine on an office meeting with your outstanding outfit. For more information stay tuned to psychostics!