Tips On When You Should Eat Pre-Workout


Every individual dreams to have a fit body, being a woman or a man doesn’t make much of a difference because in today’s society both work equally hard to stay fit and healthy. Fitness doesn’t come easy, you have to workout really hard and sweat a lot all the daylong in order for your body to keep on burning ample amount of calories to balance out the food that you take inside. It is true that there are loads of skinny people devouring all kinds of food but still manage to stay thin and sleek. But the truth is that not all skinny people are healthy, the junk that they take in also has adverse effects on their blood cholesterol level and they too are equally prone to heart problems and stroke.

Ladies, our advice to you is to develop a very comfortable and self satisfactory weight-loss regime and leave alone the thoughts of why your body is different than the rest. So whenever you see a skinny person and think how lucky they are; try and clear out your misconception. In order to stay fit the one thing that matters the most is working out throughout your life. Even if you know you are getting old it doesn’t give you the leverage to escape yourself of the workout cycle.

Every workout is designed according to the age group and you will witness that many people who maintain their fitness regime beyond the age of 60 are still much healthier and active than those who do not care at the age of 30. To build your body alongside a good workout requires you to understand the philosophies that are attached to it. Here are some tips that will help you with the pre-workout, nutrition game.

Stay Well Hydrated Before Workout:

Hydration is the first and foremost important aspect of living a healthy life. Wither you are working out or are even miles away from moving a glass, to gulp down 5-8 glasses of water is a must routine that unfortunately half of world’s population fails to understand. Just like Earth your body is 70%+ water and to maintain a healthy body means maintaining that level of fluid constantly.

  • Workout means excess level of sweating and with sweating there’s dehydration. So this means most of the people will definitely get dehydrated with the passage of workout.
  • Just like a car’s engine breaks down and heats up if you forget to check the level of water likewise a heated body might fail miserably if you fail to cool it system down with water.
  • Thus sports players are often seen sipping some water and splashing some on their face too cool their system down.
  • But this is essential for those people who are working out (or playing any sport) for more than 45 minutes and that too in extreme conditions (open air, hot and humid weather). Since, these conditions cause excessive sweating and dehydration.
  • For women who are not into extensive training programs you can best have 2 glasses of water 1-2 hours before going on your workout.

Manage Calories:

Pre-workout meals are a good option but this all too depends on the level and intensity of your workout. For body builders and muscle trainers, their workout requires extensive weight training and long hours of hard work and sweat. Then there are routine fitness programs that end up well within 40 minutes (eg. 40 minutes on treadmill).

  • If you are the one who targets a daily calorie burn of 300-400 calories while running on the treadmill then to advise you to have a turkey sandwich (200+ calorie) prior workout is completely wrong.
  • A lot of people actually feel a strange kind of a cramp right before they enter the gym, this is actually a sign of your stomach telling its hungry but to fill it up to the brim with foods that take longer time to digest (fibrous or complex carbohydrates) is actually not worth it.
  • But if there’s a good 2-3 hours gap between the times of your workout you can have a good meal to fuel up your workout. For weight loss you should wisely chose what you eat.
  • For an hour prior to work out a quick snack of a small fruit is preferable.

Do Not Skip Meals:

  • Most weight watchers think that skipping meals and doing intense workout will actually burn a lot of calories and will help in weight loss. This is the biggest myth that will burst the bubble of your health pretty badly.
  • The truth is when your body won’t have the real fuel (glucose, carbohydrates) to burn and extract the energy from, it will direct its attention towards the protein stored in your body in the form of muscles.
  • This is where muscles tearing occur as the body starts utilizing the muscle protein as its source of energy. This is one of the main reasons why many women often feel tired and intense body ache after workouts.
  • To properly fuel your body throughout the training is another huge issue to make your workouts actually be possible. Why are we saying this? This is because your body needs fuel to keep on moving and going about throughout the day. If you haven’t really fueled it up for the basic work in a day, how can you assume that it will be perfectly enough for an intense long hour workout? Starving actually reduces your chances to work out well and sweat for long.


Working out and maintaining a busy yet a healthy lifestyle is not easy and this is the reason why most people keep their hands off of it. But you really need to bring your life and habits to include a work out activity in it. Wither it is yoga, jogging, cycling, brisk walk, treadmill, hiking or even weight training, each one of these work out regimes have tons of benefits for the body and they not only help in losing and maintaining body weight but also pushes in tons of body strength and endurance.