7 Foods That sharpens Human Memory


As long as we are going to live in this world we want a clear mind with lot of lovely and delightful memories. But after a certain span of life we starts to forget things, losing our magical and appealing memories we wants to live again and again. Due to memory loss it won’t happen anymore.

I always wanted to gather all the happy moments of life in my memory but it doesn’t works. You just can’t remember each and everything or detail with the passage of time. Invention of camera allows us to capture the moments and to have them with us till end. But the dark side is that it has lessen the longevity of memory.

We can enhance and polish up memory by exchanging the junk food with the simple ones. Food has a great impact on our body and mind. Natural and healthy food make us grow well and fresh while the junk and fast food makes us lazy, inactive results in life threatening diseases.

7 Food That Sharpens Our Memory

There are some food which helps us to keep our brain healthy and blooming.

sharpening memory food


Fats is important for the healthy life in living beings.  There are two essential fatty acids in human nutrition alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acids). They helps in the stimulation of metabolic and structural functions. Omega-3 fats helps in the production of myelin.


Walnut is consider to be world’s healthiest food. Vitamin E is present in walnut which is particularly beneficial and helps in mental alertness. The daily intake improves the cognition, memory related functions and concentration.

Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are incredibly healthy they contains minerals and lots of vitamins and have other numerous advantages. They are enrich with vitamin B6 and vitamin E, A and K. Green vegetables are th number one food you can eat it can improve and sharpens your memory.


Chocolate is made by cocoa, which contains fat. Dark chocolate is very useful for human health as it contains antioxidants which helps in stimulating high and low blood pressure to the body and brain.


Avocados consists o monostaturated fats which are considered as good kind of fats, may be help us in enhancing the memory and makes our skin glowing and fresh.


The intake of apple with its skin is very effective as the skin contains quercetin, which is useful in Alzheimer’s. Red apples helps the brain to work well and maintains the stability of cognition.


Water is essential for the survival of life on this planet called earth. Beside the countless other benefits to life water also has a great influence on the cognition processes. It also sharpens the memory and enhance the longevity.

Eating these foods in your daily routine lessens the chance of short-term and long-term memory loss. And sharpens the mind and memory for better experiences.