‘Every Day Is A New Day!’ Never Lose Stamina To Fight Against Odds


History is full of people who gave up hope when the time was not in their favor. Unfortunately, we will never come to realize what would have happened to these individuals if they had continued to strive. One thing is for certain: that if we are doing something that defies odds then we must prepare ourselves to accept failure but never to accept defeat. It is by the consistent effort that we can make a mark in the world. If one day breaks down your will, remember that ‘Every day is a new day!’ Never lose stamina to fight against odds. Here is how.

10- Change your Thinking

It has lots to do with being realistic. If you are trying to achieve the unexpected or if you are trying to make yourself memorable, better not to keep your head in the sky. Be kind to yourself when you fail or when you are rejected for something. Give yourself some pep talk but never lose hope or your faith in yourself.

9- Build your Willpower

If you want to keep your stamina alive against circumstances then you need an elephantine amount of willpower. Forcing yourself along is not the best way to achieve something. Far from it, this impedes your progress. Instead, focus on your willpower. See if you can increase it and retain it. That way you are certain to remain on track to achieve your goal.

8- Eliminate Negative Thinking

Be a strong person! It may be tough to do because the biggest enemy is one’s own mind. By eliminating negative thinking you are less likely to get disheartened by continuous failure. ‘Every day is a new day!’ Never lose stamina to fight against odds. Get up with renewed vigor on every day and use that vigor to make the most of yet another day. Notice in patterns in your negative thoughts and break this pattern because these are the worst. They can actually break you down and eat away your willpower.

7- Make Change Slowly

Try not to look back that often. It is often the case that when one realizes how much she has achieved in one year, that seems too little to count or to make an actual difference. Be a strong woman and accept the fact that you can only bring change slowly and gradually. Make the effort a part of your routine and it will not feel like a big deal anymore to you.

6- Hold Yourself Accountable

Being consistent for a long period of time requires planning beforehand. That means you need to plan every day you spend on the job. Put it on a calendar and mark each day whether you succeeded in meeting your target or not. That is important if you want to never to lose stamina and to maintain your efforts for longer periods of time.

5- Plan for Failure

If you are fighting to achieve the improbable and the unlikely, then you need to accept the fact that there are also failures on the way. They are going to become a part of your process. However, it is entirely up to you whether you plan to channel these into positive energy or you make them debilitating losses. Be realistic and plan for failure from the beginning. This way, it will not be a big shock, and you will know what to do.

4- Use Critical Visualization

It’s not silly and it’s not petty. Critical visualization can get your head out of the clouds. A realistic visualization of your current situation can help you in realizing your plans for the future and the most imminent risks to your struggle. A little critical visualization will keep you from day-dreaming. If you want to keep your wits about you and to remain motivated, this is one way to go. ‘Every day is a new day!’ Never lose stamina to fight against odds.

3- Boost your Motivation

Motivation is key if you are fighting against the odds and if you are doing the unexpected. Hold tightly to your sources of motivation and never let a day go waste. The biggest killer of motivation and will is lethargy. Be a strong person and you will realize that achieving your aims is not so impossible after all. Another way to conserve your motivation is by preventing clutter formation. Do one thing at a time and you are good to go.

2- Be Persistent

Persistence is the key if you are making a long-term plan. One can start with motivation but it often gets difficult to remain persistent and motivated. Solve that problem by setting a planner or by enlisting your targets. This is the toughest part of fighting against odds and to really be successful you must overcome this hurdle in life. Do this and your success is guaranteed.

1- Be in a Positive Environment

Stay close to your friends and loved ones. Let them know what you are doing and allow them to motivate you. One needs friends all the time but that is even more so if you feel like you are running out of motivation. If you have great friends from your workplace, that’s even better because you get to spend most of your day with them in a positive environment. Be pleasant and nice with them and value their presence. This small practice will seriously boost your willpower.

Women all around the world are making their mark. They are achieving more and more in a male dominant society and now it is time for you to join the struggle. No matter where you are, what job are you doing and what your living standards are, there is always room for improvement and there are always impossible things to do. With the proper amount of willpower in you, you can do almost anything, you wish. ‘Every day is a new day!’ Never lose stamina to fight against odds. Let every day add to your struggle and boost up your motivation.