What Role Laughter Can Play To Make Your Marriage Happier?


Life is difficult, at times you feel so exhausting that you just want to give up. In the pressures of daily routine and the ups and downs of survival, when you find love you start feeling good and optimistic. Almost all marriages start with promises, love and care but as time passes things start getting tougher. The same person whose company once brought joy and hope to you starts bringing tension and conflicts. Arguments, difference of opinion and misunderstandings become everyday routine. Amidst the rising conflicts and increasing tension, there is one thing the proper use of which can save your marriage. Yes, it’s ‘Laughter’. Laughter can not only save your marriage but can also make your life more colorful. Read along to find out what role laughter can play to make your marriage happier?

  1. It ends fights

“You can’t stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh”. The legendary comedian Jay leno has encircled the whole idea of role of humor in marriage in one sentence. Humor is lovable and brings love to the spouses. If there is one thing that can keep the warmth and positive energy alive between the spouses, it is laughter. When your spouse makes you laugh, you start feeling good with him/her again. It creates a bond and brings back the light heartedness and comfort that you both had at the beginning of the relationship. The feelings of hatred that are generated due to repeated fights and arguments can be countered through perfectly timed and appropriate humor.

  1. It recharges you

Laughter, as it is well known, has many physiological and emotional benefits. It not only puts an end to fights and anger between partners but also makes life beautiful in many other ways. Laughter generates the feelings of pleasure and wellness and it really is true. It will make you feel good when you are in the middle of a crisis. Laughter is a positive escape, whenever you get tired of dealing with everything, planning and managing things, take a break and give yourself a dose of laughter. It will recharge your battery and will make you energetic and optimistic once again. It is like an energy drink in the middle of a grueling race. Now think about it, what role laughter can play to make your marriage happier if you get that much needed dose of laughter from your spouse every day?

  1. It speeds up healing

Laughter is a medicine. You have been hearing this since long. Laughter actually helps you deal with physical pain and illness. The French philosopher Voltaire wrote “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”. These words are amazing and actually backed by science. Well, it is not that laughter can cure all diseases but it actually accelerates the healing process. Laughter stimulates the immune system and helps it fight with the invading pathogens. As the immune system becomes active, the process of healing speeds up.

  1. It helps manage pain

Talking about physical pain, laughter is a real medicine because it increases the production of natural painkillers in our body called endorphins. Laughing also releases a hormone called oxytocin that is known as ‘bonding chemical’.  Isn’t it helpful to have the bonding chemical circulating in your system in order to bond with your spouse? Spend some quality time with your spouse every day where you tell funny things that happened during the day, share jokes and just be easy and comfortable. Laughter will nurture the bonding energy required to bring you closer to each other.

  1. It prevents depression

Coping with family can be difficult and can cost you your happiness but it can become easy and fun if you incorporate humor in daily life. People with a good sense of humor are less likely to experience depression and enjoy life more than others. Bill Cosby says “If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.”. Now don’t you see the potential of humor? Prisoners have been using it to survive the imprisonment and torture; people with serious ailments use it to cope with their illness. You can definitely use it to cope with your family. This definitely is an important role of laughter in making marriage happier.

  1. It makes difficult times easier

If you succeed in finding humor in your adversities, you can get over everything and can bring peace to your life in no time. Humor is good for life in general and its power multiplies when your life partner is there with you in every situation and helps you find humor in it. Marriage becomes beautiful when husband and wife become each other’s support. When one feels down and becomes unable to see any good in the situation, the other helps in showing the bright side, bringing hope and putting a smile on the sad face.

  1. It uplifts comfort level

Laughter can generate and nurture comfort level between spouses. When you starts making your partner laugh, you realize that you can be real and silly in front of him/her. It generates a wave of understanding and affection that makes your relationship unbreakable. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have a happy married life if you don’t have a good sense of humor. You don’t have to be a professional comedian in order to attain the wonderful benefits of humor. Let the comedians do their job; you just need to give some of your time to them.

Let’s conclude with the words of Henry Ward Beecher that very beautifully highlights the role of laughter in marriage. He says, “A marriage without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs, jolted by every pebble in the road”. No doubt, humor strengthens relationships but not having a natural sense of humor isn’t an excuse at all. There are many ways to incorporate laughter in your life. All you need to have is willingness to stay happy, light hearted and sometimes silly. Being serious all the time never brings any good at all.