Trending E-Cigarettes in Teenagers – Health Hazards of Vaping


An electronic cigarette is a device which is used to stimulate the sensation of smoking. An electronic cigarette works when a liquid commonly is burned and aerosols are created which in a term are also called ‘vapors’. These vapors are inhaled by the smoker, and the whole phenomenon is known as vaping.

Is vaping really dangerous?

There are many mixed opinions about it. Sometimes you see on the news the health benefits of vaping leading smokers towards recovery, and the other day you see various dangers and health hazards caused by vaping. Let’s go through the Pros and Cons of vaping, only then you will be able to make the right choice yourself.

Teenagers Lured Over Tempting Trend

The new generation always tries to follow the new trends as e-cigarettes, e-cigars, vape pens, and other electronic hookahs which are directly replacing cigarettes, its developing as a new cool fashion among youngsters. Teenagers are attracted to this enticing vogue for what reasons? To figure out such rationale we have discussed some factors below:

Safer than smoking

It has been studied and researched very well that smoking vape reduces the harms of smoking to only 5%. Tobacco smoking is liking 95% more harmful than vaping. As there is no combustion, ash or tar and only involves e-juice. Which means better skin health, Oral hygiene, blood circulation, and lung capacity. 

No False Odors

Vape does not have any obnoxious odors. Sometimes the surrounding people barely even notice it. It might have smelled of the flavorings but it does not smell like dead tobacco leaves. You might even get compliments on the aroma.

Instant Satisfaction

Using vape is quite convenient. Many of the products are prefilled and are ready to use after adding e-juice. These products are battery-operated and may look like a real cigarette or a pen. A fully charged e-cigarette can sustain you throughout the day. Once a vape is ready, taking a hit is as simple as pushing a button or drawing on the device.

Control on Nicotine

Nicotine is the major addictive chemical this dangerous chemical is present in tobacco smoke. It enters the bloodstream and brain producing a rapid reward that the brain craves more and more. Nicotine is a poison but being affected by the poison while vaping is nearly impossible. Vaper would realize the early effects of inhaling it too much and slow down. If a vapor uses high nic-e-juice and takes a few big hits, individual may feel dizziness, his forehead tingles and his stomach might get upset too.


Unaware of the dreadful disadvantages this drifting mania is getting famous among youngsters. Keep in mind that “not safe in some ways” do not make that substance is impregnable.

Various Options

There are almost unlimited options in device, e-juice and even in vaping styles. It can be overwhelming for the user to choose than choosing a cigarette brand. That’s why it is important for new vapors to start simple with the basic starter kit.

Allergic Reaction

Main ingredients for vape juice is Propylene Glycol. It causes ravaged allergic reactions, skin damage, wrinkles, freckles, and other skin diseases. However, people use vegetable glycol to reduce skin risks.

Cumulative Cost

Like the other consumable products, vaping requires repeat purchases. It may put a stress on your budget, as the e-juice needs to be refilled at alternative intervals depending on the consumption. The prices of e-juice vary. Some are very expensive brands. But there are plenty of cheap e-juices available.

Various Chemicals in Vapors

Let’s talk about the chemicals comprehend to make this newest trending e-cigarette work:


In Portland, the researchers studied that if you turn up the power on the vape really high an inexpensive clearomizer will give out a great level of formaldehyde. The greater amount of formaldehyde is carcinogenic. But the truth is that it never really happens in normal vaping. ‘Dry puff’ is produced when you turn up the power so high and the vaper will know and stop vaping.

Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl

For flavoring diketones like diacetyl and acetyl, propionyl is used. You probably have seen headlines about diacetyl, the artificial flavoring causing severe lung disease in workers at Missouri popcorn factory. This disease is also called ‘Popcorn lungs’. But vaping uses only a small amount of diacetyl which may not be bothered.


Nicotine is famous for its hazardous effects. It is an addictive drug and causes dizziness and stomach ache. Whereas, tobacco cigarette uses a greater amount of nicotine but the vaping mix on a handful of nicotine in e-juice.

Drawbacks of Vaping:

A worldwide survey gives more insight into the negative effects of vaping. Some of the adverse effects on current and former smokers are:

  • Dry mouth                                         
  • Sore mouth
  • Headache                                          
  • Tongue inflammation
  • Black tongue                                      
  • Dizziness
  • Drooling excessive saliva production
  • Sleepiness                                        
  • Allergies                                             
  • Chest pain                                           
  • Breathing problems
  • Jitter
  • Vomiting

Risk is Relative

Winding up this discussion with a point that from where ever you were fascinated to start vaping or such other drugs, do research on them, get yourself informed about the side effects and drawbacks. After all, it’s not only you, who are affecting but it also directly affect your family and loved ones. Take care of yourself as you are your kind of the only person on this planet.