Ali Sadpara – K2 Search Operation Continues

Ali Sadpara

The search and rescue operation of Pakistan over the weekend continues to find a prominent Pakistani mountaineer, Ali Sadpara. The searchers had been directed to a rough trail that led to the finding chances Ali the mounted climber. A search and rescue (SAR) operation is underway in the area. The government has dispatched the head of the Pakistan Rangers. General Muhammad Yousaf, and the chief of the elite Rangers, Major General Asad Durrani, to take care of the situation.

Ali Sadpara is a well known and popular Pakistani mountaineer. He was training in Europe and had been scheduled to scale a world record mountain. The climb got delayed due to a technical problem at the base camp. The expedition was delayed further as the weather conditions in the area. It became worse and the base camp was turned into a frozen lake. It was in this situation that the mountain climber went missing.

Search Operation on K2 for Ali Sadpara – “Yesterday (Saturday) the weather was partly cloudy, but despite this, the army helicopters went searching for the missing climbers above 7,000m. On Sunday, Dawa Sherpa and Sajid Sadpara were flown above 7,800m up and down the Abruzzi Ridge and above the South Face,” mountaineer Sabir said.

Gavan who is the part of this rescue operation said to the media, that with every passing hour it is becoming difficult to find Ali Sad Para and foreigner climbers alive but everyone is doing their best to find them in this marginal situation.

The snow from the last weeks had dried up at the foot of the mountain. A search and rescue operation was then started. About ten climbers were sent to the spot. The rescue began with the helicopters towards the bottleneck where the signal of climbers went lost. The operation is continued with the hope to find the great mountaineer and climbers alive. Let’s pray to find a news of there safe arrival the next morning we wake up.