Milan Fashion Week opened by African-born designers!

milan fashion week

Five artists of African American origin creating their own runway debuts opened Milan Fashion Week. On Wednesday under the banner”We’re Born in Italy,” having cultivated dreams deemed fanciful in their native countries. It faced significant challenges coming to fruition in their embraced Italy.

Joy Meribe, who is originally from Nigeria, started working in Italy as a cultural mediator. Fabiola Manirakiza came to Italy as a child from Burundi and first trained as a doctor. Opened digital Milan fashion week as corona exists.

Morocco-born Karim Daoudi grew up within a shoe-making town in northern Italy and finally took up the neighborhood craft. Pape Macodou Fall came from Senegal at age 22, applying his creative series as an actor, film producer, figurative painters, and now, as a designer of up-cycled clothing.