North Korean Hackers Stole Pfizer’s Information

north korean hackers

The curiosity of knowing the formula of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine has lead North Korean hackers to stole the information. This digital theft was planned to hack Pfizer Inc, to steal the formula and other information about the coronavirus vaccine.

The North Korean hackers have apparently stolen this valuable data and are now selling it to pharmaceutical companies. Of course, this comes as no surprise! The Chinese government and their pharmaceutical companies have long had relations with North Korea. Now, with the hacking of the iPad and iPhone. It is pretty easy to see how these hackers get such important data.

However, the real question is. Does North Korea hack into US defense computer systems in order to spread viruses and other harmful malware? In many cases, the answer is a strong yes. With over a trillion dollars exchanged on the black market every year. There are always going to be opportunities for those who can hack into these systems to try and extract some money. Now with so many computers around the world that are connected. There are always going to be opportunities for viruses and other malicious software to make their way into one of these computers.

It is in the best interest of the United States government, determine exactly where the North Korean government is getting its weapons from. If they are doing it illegally then there needs to be legislation passed to make it illegal. If they are helping with the hacking efforts then the United States should put sanctions on them immediately. By North Korea hacks to get the information. They are putting our country at risk not only of international conflict but a potential nuclear war.