Pfizer Corona Vaccine Dose Discarded by Japan

Pfizer corona vaccine

Recently a study conducted by a group of scientists from the Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory for Environmental Quality, Japan. It has concluded that the Japanese pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is violating several pharmaceutical safety laws. They are refusing to discard millions of Pfizer vaccine doses. That is why Japan is discarding the Pfizer corona vaccine. Since it has discovered the potential of live virus vaccines to cause severe neurological diseases. According to the news agency of the country, The Japan Times, the findings have been discussed at length in numerous health care organizations all over the world. Although the paper did not mention that disease or disorders of the vaccines in question might affect, it is obvious that the findings are directly related to human health issues. According to the news agency, “In view of the fact that there could be serious consequences of using contaminated vaccines, the experts suggested that a combination of approaches should be adopted by the company to address the problem.” However, despite all this news, the corporation has yet to make any official statement on its plan to dispose of the contaminated vaccines.

Another news agency, The Associated Press, has reported, “Pfizer corona vaccine experts said the company plans to focus on two types of seasonal flu vaccines this year, instead of the recommended three.” They went on to state, “Japanese officials said the decision was made because of the threat of global contamination of the vaccines that protect people against influenza and swine flu.” It is now obvious that Japan wants to scrap millions of Pfizer vaccine doses, which they say contains dangerous pathogens, from their shelves. However, all pharmaceutical companies have to worry about these types of contaminants because there have been numerous reports of contaminated vaccines in recent years. For the most part, the vaccines tested by various medical research laboratories did not contain any hazardous contaminants; however, it is important for every manufacturer to conduct routine quality assurance tests on their products.

Why is Japan discard millions of Pfizer vaccine doses because it has the wrong syrile? There is no definite explanation for this issue. However, it is believed that the large pharmaceutical company may be trying to reduce their production costs by re-designing their vaccine products to produce them with a larger manufacturing scale. This would allow the company to lower the cost of producing each dosage. In addition, this would allow the company to increase its profit margin.