Wildlife becoming extinct, stop throwing garbage into the sea!


Have you ever wondered? Why it is that we never see sea animals in the wild doing anything? I mean what kind of animal would throw up garbage and not eat? But when you think about it this makes sense. Because they are normally scavengers feeding off of dead fish and other sea creatures right? Yes, sea creatures like lobsters, crabs, starfish, do not eat garbage and you never see them doing so. The reason is these creatures are scavengers, which means they are there to look for food to eat, not eat garbage. Nutritional food is the right of every living creature.

We humans however are constantly causing problems with our garbage and waste. It has caused a lot of the world’s sea creatures to become extinct due to garbage and waste. This is something that we need to look at and hopefully one day fix. Why? Because if we continue to throw the trash into the sea and incinerate it. Then we are causing a serious problem. Overfilling the planet’s resources and then burning up our already overstocked forests and beaches due to lack of water.

The best solution is to re-forest our coasts and restore the seas back to what they used to be, which is much more alive and vibrant. It will also help us and it will bring a sense of security for all of us. We can get started right now. Stop throwing plastic away by using one or all of the ideas mentioned here. You have nothing to lose except all of the plastic that you currently have in your home. I wish you luck and hope that you enjoy your newfound eco-friendly friends.