Winter Storm – San Diego ‘Paused’ vaccination activities

winter storm

The winter storm has worsened the weather conditions. San Diego is going on a temporary shutdown due to this severe winter storm. The doses were provided by Pfizer and Moderna. The vaccine supply freezes because of the quick drop in temperature.

This situation is badly affecting the vaccination’s first and second doses. It is becoming the major reason for the slowdown of work. The supervisor said, “We expect, as early as tomorrow, to begin to have to pause some of our vaccine locations. We also are very likely to have to reschedule appointments.”

According to the county’s COVID-19 vaccination dashboard, 135,151 of all 473,763 people throughout the area have received two doses and have been completely vaccinated at Wednesday.

That leaves over 330,000 individuals having received only one dose and awaiting their second, and that’s to be administered 21 or 28 days after the initial.

The county didn’t supply any advice Wednesday how many of that amount are coming due this week or next and might have to be pushed back because of inadequate supplies.