Women of Florida acted as ‘Granny’ to get Vaccine

Florida Vaccine

The pandemic situation has spread the desperation of getting vaccines in time. Every individual wants to be the first one to get the COVID-19 vaccine. As governments have set age groups to get vaccines in a planned scheduled way. The old age group along with health frontiers are the first to get a vaccination against the virus. Florida vaccine process has seen something over it.

An interesting story has been seen in Florida. During the Florida vaccine where two women dressed up as granny demanded to be vaccinated. They were all dressed up elderly with grey hair and a stick to trick the health officers. And somehow they succeeded and got vaccinated. As they were in their 20’s but acted elderly.

The first session was completed successfully but when these two ladies were called for the second series. The officer found something wrong with their ID’s and driving license. Officials informed that this is not the first incident. We have seen such cases of youngsters acting elderly to get vaccine.