10 Easy Ways to Help out Children Learn to do Household Chores


Most parents feel like they are the ones working hard to keep the wheel of domestic life moving. If this is the case with you, you should get your children to help you. Assigning chores to your kids is a very good idea to share your load as well as preparing them for practical life. It has many other benefits too. Also, your children will feel important as the part of the mechanisms of the house. The problem is that children can be a bit stubborn when it comes to doing chores. But following these easy ways to help out children learn to do household chores will help you develop their interest and make them feel more responsible. 

  1. Never nag them

If you are constantly repetitious and are bothering your kids then they will get annoyed. This means they will become stubborn and stick not doing the task ever. What you must do is talk to them. Tell them you have had a long day and need some help. Ask them what’s going in their lives? Is there something important keeping them from doing chores? If so, try to understand and accept that and don’t impose anything on them. Such a tolerant attitude will help out your children to share your burden more happily. 

  1. Explain the cause

One mistake most parents make when it comes to getting kids to chores is not explaining to them why they must do the chores. Most kids get the impression that their parents are ordering them just because they like being bossy. Explain to your kid that chores mean that in a family everyone has to contribute. They should know that you don’t make them do chores just because it helps you. Doing daily household work teaches inner discipline, unity and respect and kids should know that.

  1. Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is comparatively one of the easier ways to help out children learn to do household chores. Find something that your kids want or need and set that as the prize for doing the job right. Tell them when they wake up in the morning and have done their chores they will get their favorite thing. Rewards are the acknowledged way for promoting interest and in kids and even in adults.   

  1. Negative reinforcement

Tell the kids that doing chores is important and that family is a unit and all of us must work together. A good way to enforce its importance and to get kids to do chores is to use negative reinforcement. Tell them that if they don’t clean their room then their bedtime is one hour early. That way they will have to do it. And slowly they will develop the habit and the negative reinforcement won’t be needed.

  1. Time them

Whenever you assign them work, fix also a time limit with that. If you walk in and say, “I want those dishes done in 20 minutes” rather than, ”do the dishes” the kid will have a deadline. Also, it will make him realize that the task might not take that long. He may think that “yes I can pause my game for 20 minutes”. This also makes the children realize the urgency of household work. They will start making time for chores because they would know that the timing is fixed.

  1. Bargaining

Take something you know your kid will want during the day. If they are little you can take their favorite toy. If they are teenagers then it may maybe their phone or hair-gel or curling iron etc. A good way is to take things they left laying around instead of keeping the house tidy. This way they won’t think you are being unfair. They will know that the thing was taken as a punishment and they have to work to make up for it. 

  1. Allowance

Giving allowance can also help out children learn to do household chores. Remember to tell them that they are not getting paid for work but this allowance is to recognize their sincerity with the duties assigned to them. For example is your kid doesn’t clean the garage, deduct one dollar from his allowance. The more laziness he exhibits the more money he loses. You may even give that money to his sibling who does work hard. This is a great motivation system. 

  1. Routine

Kids hate chores if they interrupt their routine. Thus always find the easiest ways to help out children learn to do household chores. Like your child may have studied all day to be free in the evening to play with his friends. When evening comes you tell him to do the dishes. In such a situation, the chore is messing up his pre-made functional routine so of course he won’t like to do it. What you need to do is develop a routine after consulting all your kids that works for everyone. 

  1. Don’t use chores as punishments

One good trick to motivate kids to do chores is to not substitute chores as punishments. If you do that children will develop a negative attitude. They may even link them to misbehaving. So if you ask them to do a chore on a normal day, they will say, “Why? I didn’t do anything wrong today!” Educate them that daily chores are essential household tasks and not a punishment.

  1. Choices

Most household tasks are tiring and boring. So when you force a task onto a child they don’t do it. What really helps is giving them a choice. So that they can do whatever task they deem less-boring than the other. You can ask them verbally or you can create a chore-jar and put little papers in it with tasks written on them. Everyday a kid chooses a chore and does it. This free will makes children feel like they are actually a functional part of the family who can make their own choices. 

Getting children to work is hard. They get angry, moody and downright intolerant. But the point is that getting them to do chores is not only helpful to you but also make them better persons. They learn things like discipline, teamwork, duty, time management etc. Doing chores makes your kid into an independent adult who can provide and work for themselves. You can depend on the above mentioned easy and workable ways to help out children learn to do household chores.