10 Things You Must Teach To Your Kids Before Sending Them To School


Parenting is a hard job and it requires a lot of skill and wisdom. Sending their little one to school for the first time is the biggest moment for every parent. There are many skills you need to teach your child to make sure that they are ready to start dealing with the world outside their home. Being in a school is the first ever social environment your child is going to experience. He or she needs to be ready to deal with the other children, listen to their teachers and spend schooling hours happily without missing you. Here is a list of those important things you must teach to your kids before sending them to school.

  1. To play alone or with other kids

Remember that so far as any person your child has met is you and your family. You are all he plays with. So, he needs to learn how to play with a group of children. If he is an only child he might get overwhelmed by the number of children around him. He also needs to know how to be okay with staying alone and doing a task. In pre-school class, kids often have to sit alone and draw or color or play with toys. He needs to learn how to not freak out when he’s alone.

  1. Compromise

At home, the littlest kid is the one everyone gives most attention to. Mother’s often let them have their way. Sometimes older children are told to hand over things like toys to the youngest kid. This behavior can make the kid think that the world revolves around him. At school, no one is going to let your kid have his way. So the most important out of things you must teach your kids before sending them to school is to compromise. You need to teach him that he won’t always have always his way. He needs to learn how to be okay with that.

  1. Teach your kid organization

Kids are like a twisted bundle of emotions. They have mood swings, anger fits and highly energetic times. This is because as a kid, they don’t know how to organize everything they feel. One thing you must teach a kid before pre-school is to organize their feelings. Don’t think you can do it just by saying it. It is a prolonged process, so keep working on it.

  1. Importance of hydration

Before pre-school, you must teach the kid how important it remains hydrated. Hydration is very important for health. Your child needs to be conditioned to drinking water rather than asking for juice, or soft drinks or other sugary drinks. It is an important habit to be infused in children before they start school. Teach them to always carry a water bottle and drink when they feel thirsty.

  1. How to clean up

This is not only one of the very important things you must teach your kids before sending them to school but also a good habit for them as a person. A child needs to learn how to pick up things and put them in their place. When they finish eating, they need to make it a habit to pick up the plate and place it wherever it belongs. After playing, they need to make sure that they picked up every toy and put it in its place. Most preschools teach kids to do this but it is better if they already have already learned it.

  1. Sharing

Sharing is the prime habit a kid must develop before going to school. Remember that at home all kids are special and their parents love them and avoid things that cause them to get into anger. But going to school is like stepping out of that comfort zone into the real world. So your child needs to learn that it is okay if someone borrows a toy or if he wants to share one with someone.

  1. Brush their teeth

This is not specific to schooling preparation but is included in the list of things you must teach your kids before sending them to school. By the age of 4, all kids must know the importance of dental hygiene. If the kid is going to go to a class with other children every day then having bad breath is not really an option. Your child needs to develop a habit of brushing properly every night before bed and every morning before leaving for school.

  1. To survive without you

For a kid who has spent the first four years of his life in the arms of mommy and daddy, the sudden change of routine will not be pleasant. He will freak out at the idea of spending such a big part of the day away from home and away from his parents. Many kids refuse to go to school because of this reason. As a parent, it is your duty to teach your kid how to live in school without you. Don’t yell, just use positive reinforcement to make them go to school.

  1. Riding the school bus

Some children have to travel to school via bus or a van. What a kid must need to know before going to school is how to ride the bus without being afraid of it. You can remove their fear by riding with them once or twice, pointing out the window at the moving trees, generally get them excited about getting on the bus. Take your kid to a shop on a bus and buy them candy. This will surely help the kid to get used to bus travel.

  1. Social skills

Going to school means there will be a lot of human interaction. The child needs to not be intimidated by people, especially from teachers and class fellows. He has to be a good listener so he can respond to questions. If your child is shy, remove the shyness by taking him to a family gathering and encouraging him to talk to their cousins.

All the things mentioned on the list of things you must teach your kids before sending them to school are hard tasks. Don’t expect that your kid will develop these habits within a week. It is a process of personality-making and confidence building. Just be patient with the kid. Let them have their occasional anger fit. Treat them like children and don’t expect them to act like mature adults. Then slowly and surely they will learn all these things.