What to do with annoying gifts?  Find here the most workable tips


A bad gift can certainly turn the mood of a birthday party or a wedding celebration, but there they are. Most of us have a weird aunts to blame for some of the most embarrassing and dislikable gifts. The real skill is how to deal with the person who gifted it to you and how to take the gift. Of course, one can go with the rude and sulky mood but there are alternatives. You can get back at the other person or you can choose the higher ground. For that very purpose, check out these ideas on what to do with annoying gifts?

8- Make an Example of Good Gifts

This is the first you should make up your mind to do when you get a disappointing gift. Make sure you set the standard for the perfect gift. Alternately, disappointing the other people on their big day in vengeance will only tempt them to continue with the game. Make them feel sorry for their gift, so that on your next birthday, you expect something cool. Implore the other person to tell you what quality of gift would they like. It will give them the opportunity to do the same in return without the embarrassment that follows.

7- Let it Pass…Time will Heal

The worst thing about a bad gift is the awkwardness at your big day that follows the unwrapping. Since you can’t undo that, it is best to let yourself heal over time. Pretend that it actually isn’t that bad a gift. Make the situation delightful to the best of your abilities and you are guaranteed not to feel any further embarrassment. You may be feeling strongly against the gift giver, but in time you may begin to understand their perspective. You might even begin to appreciate the gift. It is best not to make assumptions based on your first impression.

6- Re-gift It

This might be the best thing to do with pointless and annoying gifts. Re-gift them to charity or to orphanages. Remember that the gift may not be the right one for you, but it will certainly be the dream gift for someone else. Make sure the gift finds its way to someone who really appreciates it and enjoys it. By doing this, you perform an act of charity and more importantly, you choose the higher ground. It is hard not to admire that trait. This is one of the best answers to what to do with annoying gifts?

5- Send a Thank You Card

There is a good chance that the other person gave you that annoying gift on purpose. It maybe because you didn’t give them a thank you note on their gift last year or if the gift giver thought that you would like the gift, the right thing to do is to be polite. Think the other person for their gift. Send the thank you note about a week after receiving the gift. Be non-specific about how has the gift fared. You may write that it is useful or that you are enjoying it. A comprehensive remark will do just fine.

4- Decide Whether to be Honest or not

This decision depends more on the status of your relationship with that friend. If the other person is family, you don’t have to worry about hurt feelings as much. You can be blunt and tell the other person that it was an awful gift. Contrarily, if the person who gifted it to you has little more than a formal or professional relationship, politeness is the way to go. If you have to politely lie about the gift, make it small. Chances are that the other person will get the idea.

3- Show Gratitude Even if the Gift is Annoying

This is one of the most important steps to take to ensure that you are not embarrassed by the gift. Be polite and say thank you for the ridiculous gift. Don’t overdo it or it will turn to sarcasm. Be dramatic and the other person will know that you are trying to hide something from that person. Don’t forget that it is still a gift. Politeness is key to control your wrath. One can settle the score later on without creating a tantrum.

2- Be a Better Gift Giver

One feels the desperate drive to get back at the other person and to gift them something that will settle the score. That’s graceless and it is important to rise above that. Be a better person when you are re-gifting. Gift them something on their birthday which will really make an impression. It need not be super expensive. Something thoughtful and practical will give the other person a standard to meet. You won’t have to deal with another embarrassing gift after this.

1- Check for the Gift Receipt

If the present is store bought, that makes it a lot easier for you to return the item to the store. Sometimes, the gift giver hands over the receipt to the receiver just in case they don’t like the gift. Replace that item with something really chic and enjoy a gift of your own choice! The downside of handing over the receipt to the receiver is that it leaves the impression that you thought the gift would be a hit-or-miss.

Any gift, whether the giver made it with his or her own hands or bought it from the store should be welcomed with warmth. This also means that you must show honest gratitude for gifts, but every now and then, one has to deal with a gift that makes absolutely no sense at all. Whether the other person tried to prank you with a gift that wouldn’t suit or the other person had your best in their heart, one can never tell. There are numerous ways to deal with these kinds of gifts without offending the other person. If you are wondering about what to do with annoying gifts, check out these ideas. They will certainly make it easier for you to deal with an unwelcoming gift.