Ego-Personality Builder And Booster With Its Good Impacts


Ego is one of the most strong personality trait, ego boosts up  the reaction towards society, peers, mates, family and friends. Ego has many good and bad impacts on our personality and it also effects our dealings. It can turn a baby into a man as well as turn a man into infallible. There are certain behaviors that lies in every human being some of them are needed for life others are based of how you were treated by life. In different situations people react differently, the circumstances are different, the consequence are different. The ‘EGO’ is based on the treatment of society towards your existence. If they appreciate you then you are experiencing good impacts of ego  but on the other hand if they are not accepting your opinion, views or discouraging you for your doings then you are going to have bad effects of ego.

Importance of Ego

If the trait of ego were absent people would have been dictated by others and slavery takes place. Ego plays a great role in building up one’s unique personality. Your views, thought, opinions and decisions are truly based on your ego.

Good Impacts Of Ego On Your Personality

As ego is one of the most strong emotion to experience, so it has many positive effects upon our personalities and called best personality builder trait.

Development Of Self-Confidence

Ego increases our self confidence and self-importance that we can decide and own our actions. Positive factors increases the courage within one self and people starts to take chances.


Ego gives us the courage to resist and ignore it enhances the ability to take control over things or situations. Positivity leads to happiness and happiness results in gratitude which makes you personality kind.

I believe in myself


Positive ego makes you feel content towards your life. There is a great satisfactions to your soul that you didn’t harm any one by your actions or words.

Set Your-self Free From Dictatorship

Through ego you can surrender to dictatorship and can enter to the world created by your own decisions decorated with your own views and thoughts. You can choose on your own ego gives the freedom to live a life by choice to recreate and rejoice.


This is one of the positive element of ego that it gives you the boldness, valor, fearlessness, dauntlessness and gives the state of mind to be faithful to your abilities.

These are some of the good impacts which ego can bring to our personalities and can make them strong in nature and character.