How to Get Rid of Creepy Dudes Who Fancy You? 10 Useful Tips


Usually a woman likes to brag about a guy who fancies her. But sometimes, you do not like a guy for any personal reasons but the guy persistently sticks to you like a chewing gum. It embarrasses and you do not know how to come clean out of such an awkward situation. Go through the following useful tips helping out you how to get rid of creepy dudes who fancy you.

  1. Discourage him

Say him a straight forward and echoing ‘NO’ for it is really necessary to stop creepy guy dream about you. Never give him place that may find a lame excuse to get glued with you but be wise and tell him clearly that he will not ever have a chance. Pathetically, the obsessed guy would tell you that you are naïve and do not understand the guys out there but do not pay a head to his fanatic thoughts. Just let it clear to him that you are never interested and you cannot afford to be friends with him.

  1. Announce your decision clearly

Yes, it will definitely work.  Although it is not pleasant to let a person know that you do not like him yet it becomes justified when you find him weird in one or other way. All you need is to make it clear to him that you are intentionally avoiding him. Suppose he invites you for a hang out but surely you do not want to be a part of his creepiness. Avail the opportunity and let him know that there is no chance for him. The poor guy will feel anguished but it will save you from this turmoil.

  1. Do not make promises with him

Your creepy dude will like clinging to you. He will make attempts over and over again to make you fall in love with him or mould you towards him but you must shatter all his cherished hopes. And if he tries to call you at some place alone, never ever go. This will be insane at your part if you go with him because such a guy consider woman vulnerable and would like to tell you how much he is interested in you and will make you happy forever. Actually, your zealot should know that he needs some other suitable woman to make his needs fulfilled. Imparting such a consciousness would be among the best ways to know how to get rid of creepy dudes who fancy you.

  1. Show you aversion if he favors you

Never accept his compliments and gifts so that it will be crystal clear in his mind that he has no chance. Show a cold and freeze behavior when he tries giving you any favor rather tell him you are loathing such persistency and shamelessness. And no other girl would ever admire such a nuisance and uncomfortable attitude of a guy even when she knows the dude likes him.

  1. Attract him towards a girl of his type

If you are going through a pain for such a poor guy then you can try putting up things together for him so that creepy dude makes some appropriate adjustments with his life. Encourage him rather help him find an equal woman of the same taste. Initially, it will be difficult for him to make friends with that woman but soon his attention would bend towards her and they will make a happy couple together hopefully for you to make a sigh of relief.

  1. Find another man instantaneously

You can put such dude at a distance by showing your interest in some other man. But while selecting another suitable person to whom you can turn on, make it clear that he is not handsome enough to be your choice. Make it sure that the other person is not a potential threat to your life. Tackle the situation wisely and you will successfully come out of it.

  1. Never abuse or curse a creepy dude

Yes, try to face the matter finely like a lady. Do not involve police until the creepy guy is harassing you. Dealing with the situation like a gentle lady and it will certainly help you how to get rid of creepy dudes who fancy you. Cursing or using abusive language will provide him opportunity to follow you more and act rashly. Indifference in such a situation is more appropriate.

  1. Pretend to be hyper sensitive

When a guy repeatedly asks you to accept him, show that his incessant proposals are saddening you. Tell him courteously that you do not want to be friends with him. Hopefully it will work for you and the guy will show some sanity by walking away from your life. It will also help you know your actual feelings towards that guy and may be in future, you may start liking him.


  1. Show your hatred at persistence calls

It is not necessary that all seemingly creepy men are weird rather many are sane enough to understand if the woman likes them or not. When creepy guy who is interested in you keeps asking you your company, tell him that his persistence is making you annoyed. Tell him that by doing so, he is not touching your heart rather you are having seeds of hatred in your heart for him. Obviously, if he is wise, he will walk away from your life.


  1. Stop explaining your rejections

The guy who is after you will definitely make some attempts to know why are you rejecting him. Stop explaining the causes for it will not make him happy rather he will try to deflate all your excuses. Be bold enough and never give him any hint of your rejection.  Make it clear in your mind that you are not going to make any mid way for him to approach you again and again.

The above mentioned tips are supposed to help you to know how to get rid of creepy dudes who fancy you. The man who is constantly staring you in a pub or a man who tries to touch you here and there without any reason is an ugly example of creepy guys every woman encounters in her life. So you should know how to come clean out of this eerie situation.