7 Amazing Benefits of Self Awareness  


It is not possible to set realistic goals in life if you don’t know yourself. Knowing yourself is the key to solving riddles of life. It is also vital to leading a successful life. A person who doesn’t know himself always oscillates between over-confidence and low self-esteem, never knowing what he can or should do. It is so important but still, most of us are not considerate about the benefits of self-awareness. We don’t even scratch the surface of getting to know who we are. You just need to spend some time with yourself in order to know who you are. Ask a few questions to yourself and it will tremendously help you in discovering yourself.

  1. What makes you unique?

Every individual is unique. There is something really special about you that others’ lack. For a moment, stop thinking about what you don’t have and focus solely on what you have. There has to be something that makes you stand out. Try to find it out; it would be the very first step towards your self-awareness. Sooner or later you will find your special quality and once you find it, respect it and make it central to how you carry yourself. You can use it to choose a profession or deal with your low self-esteem. It will definitely make you more confident and happy.

  1. What are you grateful for?

Before answering this question you need to figure out whether or not you are a grateful person? Do you have a positive attitude? Do you feel thankful when you see your kid smile or when you breathe fresh air? Blessings are all around you, you just need to develop a sense of gratitude in order to stay content with what you possess. Sit in a quiet corner, take a paper and pen and start writing the things you are grateful for. Being gratifying is important to boost up your talent in the right direction. It dictates whether you are a complainer or a happy person. You can solve many riddles of life when you discover your type and try your best to improve it. Develop a positive attitude and see how you enjoy living.

  1. What do people think about you?

Discovering your special qualities is one thing and proving them is another. You, sitting in your room realize that you have a very melodious voice, but this is what you know, people don’t know this yet. People know you as the same shy person who doesn’t talk to anyone. You need to build a new impression based on the talent you recently discovered. You can prosper and become successful if you keep on polishing your skill and keep on promoting it. This is even a new realization that tells what you actually lack. There may be no dearth of talent in you but you still don’t know how to protect it. Remember, knowing yourself is the key to solve riddles of life. Without having self-awareness, of your pluses and negatives you can’t assert yourself.

  1. If you had all the money in the world, what would you be doing with it?

Everyone’s problem is money; this is what is keeping people from doing and even discovering what they like. You go to the office every day, complete assigned tasks and listen to your boss. Does that make you happy? Are you content with your job? For most of us, the answer is no. In the fast-paced race of life; we don’t even take time to think what makes us happy. This is your chance. Think that money is no issue at all; you just need to do what you really like. What is it? No matter what it is, you can always turn it into a profession if you are really passionate about it.

  1. What movie or novel never bores you?

The movie you don’t mind watching again and again or the novel you have read umpteenth times without getting bored can tell you a lot about yourself. You never get bored by it because it reflects your personality, depicts who you are or is the reflection of the kind of life you wish to live. Get to the root of that story and as you enjoy watching it, use it to discover yourself.

  1. Who are the most important people in your life?

Not knowing who is really important for you causes you to impress people randomly who don’t even care about you. Once you know the people you care for and those who care about you. Knowing is the key as it eliminates confusion and doubt. Imagine that you are in a sinking boat with everyone you know and you can save only 10 people. Who are they? Those 10 people are the people you need to impress, give time to and care about. The rest is just a throng and you don’t need to care what they think of you.

  1. Who is making most of the decisions in your life?

Think about yourself. Are you a leader or a follower? Are people around you deciding for you? Do your circumstances tell you what to do? Or, is it you who is deciding for yourself? Once you find out the answer, consider that you and only you are the masters of your life. Be resolute to take a decision and come up as a strong person who no longer depends on others. This will help you overcome so many adversities of life.

Knowing yourself is of supreme importance but it is not very easy. It is difficult because we easily get distracted by what we wish we were or what others think we should be. In this confusion, we really forget to focus on who we really are. You can know yourself if you don’t allow these distractions and think about the real you more often. Start today because knowing yourself is the key to solve so many riddles of life while having no self-awareness leads to low self-esteem and repeated failures.