Why Do People Love To Transform Themselves? 10 Reasons


Trends have always dominated the fashion world and they have always determined everything for people from their hairstyles down to makeup and costumes. However, never before has the industry evolved and shifted as fast as it is doing this decade. One might expect it to be discouraging for the millions of fashion aficionados around the world. However, the industry has never been this much popular in history! This means that people love transformations. They love to get a new look even if it means extreme measures like plastic surgery. If you are wondering why do people love to transform themselves? Here are a few good reasons.

7- Guidance

It is a major factor in determining and explaining why people love to transform themselves without a second thought. Many people don’t pay a lot of attention on their looks. They are not conscious what kind of style suits them and what does not. In this lack of awareness, they tend to look for instant solutions. That is the consequence of our era of instant everything. Not having time to think about appearances leads these people to seek guidance. They look for trends to follow and they follow them even if it means transformations.

6- Making Idols

We all have that one person we aspire to be and the person whom we want to impress. The first and strongest instinct is that by looking cool, hip or trendy will make us look like these idols. It is in this struggle to look like our idols that people are willing to take drastic steps. Sometimes, there is no turning back from these steps. This may take the form of piercings, cosmetic surgeries or very short hair: things which are permanent or which take time growing out of. Our world is brimming with superficial things. They have taken over the social media and so “faking it” is not so bad a thing anymore.

5- Trying to Fit in

To be accepted by one’s peers, one has to be the same as them. Peer pressure is a very strong force which often compels people to transform themselves either to stay totally inconspicuous or to stand out in their groups. People often want to get tattoos or piercings if they are anxious to be accepted into a group of like minded individuals. A vivid example can be plucked from high schools, where this phenomenon is more evident. Teenagers often opt for new looks to transform themselves because they want to fit into a particular group of peers.

4- Playing with Trends

This may not be one of the most common reasons that people go with frequent transformations and why do people love to transform themselves? But it is certainly worth mentioning. It is especially true for the self conscious individuals who are continuously experimenting with new trends to see if these trends suit them or not. They will get a short crop hairstyle to see if it suits their face. If not, they patiently wait for the hair to re-grow. This is the category of trend followers who love to transform themselves because they don’t mind change in their lives and they know that it often hold some great promises for them.

3- Everyone Wants to Look Good

The definition of pretty varies from one person to another, but one thing is for certain that every person is continuously striving to look the best. This has less to do with insecurities and more to do with a desire to make their mark. If a person is compelled that he or she looks dorky or nerdy, they are bound to see a lot of allure in a cool tattoo. Everyone wants to look the best. This is what keeps them transforming themselves so that they can sustain the charisma in their looks.

2- Loyalty Schemes

This has been a great business strategy adopted by beauty centers and even transformation clinics to keep their customers hooked for life. Offering people discounts on second and third treatments increases the allure in that prospect. People are more likely to turn to that clinic, thus boosting their customer response. It has been a critical strategy in keeping plastic surgeries on the forefront of fashion innovation and trendiness. No one wants to be a medical or cosmetic guinea pig, but if it costs less, one often reconsiders the idea! That is also a reason why people love to transform themselves every few years at least.

1- Just the Way you are

Movies have been keen to preach the idea of loving someone just the way he or she is, but in real life it is far less common. Women all over the world, especially single women of all ages turn to transformations to keep themselves looking lively. This is probably because very few people in the world are lucky enough to love themselves the way they are or knowing that they look pretty. Often another person’s passing remark on one’s skin tone or else face glow can leave a scar or a burning question in one’s mind. This is the situation, where people love transformations because they are the perfect mode to keep their self esteem at its peak. If you are wondering why people love to transform themselves, this has got to be one of the most important reasons.

We have been modifying our looks for ages and centuries now. It cures people’s insecurities. This is the “go to” option if you want to become pretty or stay pretty. Transformations vary widely. They range from the less noticeably decisions such as new hairstyles, a different shade of lipstick or bigger earrings to things that leave a greater mark such as plastic surgeries, piercings and even tattoos. People keep consuming whatever the fashion industry feeds them probably because they are always eager for a new look. If you are wondering why do people love to transform themselves? Then the reasons given here will give you an insight into minds of self conscious people.