How To Pick A Perfect Handbag


A choice of perfect handbag should be practical, convenient and polished. Handbags are one of the awesome creations that have increased the sense of fashion in many people. They not only carry our important essentials but also enhance our look and it is a nice upgrade in our fashion. But to be very frank it is hard to find a perfect handbag that can cater all the usability rules and is way too practical.

Most of the handbags available in the market neither economical nor they are pretty function even if they look great. And sometimes the most functional bags look way ugly. That is the reason average women owns about 20 bags and still go out shopping to buy some new. Out of 20, most of the bags are either less functional or less attractive. So while buying a handbag you always make sure you are doing the right kind of investment.

So here we are to show you how you can shop for a perfect handbag that will look pretty yet it will be quite functional and convenient to carry.


Always think before buying a bag. You need to keep in mind that the bag you are buying is versatile enough to cater your maximum outfits. You cannot have a matching bag for each and every outfit. Buy bags which go with everything such as black, brown or white in color. These colors are common and mostly go with every outfit and always look fresh and alternative. 


Never try to overstuff your bag, it will look sloppy. Always keep in mind before buying a bag that for which purpose you want this. If you are a stuff freak and want to carry your whole closet then go for an oversized big bad and organize your stuff accordingly in that. If you like to cater a few things in your bag that you can surely opt for small bags that are handy and lighter to carry.


If you want to add life to your complete attire then always go for bright colored bags. If you are wearing nude colored outfits then always choose a bright red or orange colored bag, as it will add a bling to your personality and you will definitely look gorgeous. Just to brighten up your dull day, these colored bright bags will certainly entertain a happy day.


Always go for a bag that is complimenting your size. Don’t carry anything in which you couldn’t fit in, instead of that choose something from stall to broad and small to medium. If you are heavy and bulky, then look for medium sized bags as they will nicely compliment your size. And if you are too skinny, go for clutches and small sized bags, as an oversized bag may look like a suitcase for you.


If you are buying a bag with cargo pockets or hobo shape, you always need to focus on the material of the bag. If it is too worn-in it will look rugged but somehow it will give a hip look. Don’t go for to much stiff bags; look for some nice slouchy material that is also long-lasting.


Women usually get emotionally attached to their old favorite bags, but you should recognize the time where you want to replace your old one with a nice, chic and handy new bag. You just need to look for a new handbag when the old ones are having tears, holes, worn and faded leather and frayed stitching. This all means your old bag is retired and you need a new one as soon as possible.


If you want to have a hands-free life and don’t want to carry a heavy bag on your shoulders than a messenger bag can solve your problem. These bags are available with long straps for the cross-body purpose. You can hang these bags across your body, leaving your hands free. Look for bags with leather, canvas or nylon finish. Don’t go for backpacks as they are for hikers and school children.


Structured bags are really in these days. They give a very formal and chic look to our entire attire. It gives a ladylike feeling and is best for dressier events and office work. These bags are tough enough to be taken on the everyday basis. You just need to keep them neat and tidy for a longer wear.


If you are looking for some formal bags then the best option is to buy a heavy metal hardware bags such as studded or metalled style. These add-on gives a very formal and bling look to your bag and you will definitely flaunt while wearing such bags in parties, wedding and proms. You always have to keep them clean and secure to maintain their quality.


The amazing skin bags are in fashion these days. Whether it is a crocodile, ostrich, python, alligator or any other leather type, they just look too fabulous. These luxurious and gorgeous pieces are a splurge and a good investment for later years.


Another very good decision to make is basically to look for a bag which is secure enough to carry your stuff. Bags that are open and don’t have any lock or zipper is not secure enough and you may encounter a trouble while you accidentally drop something from it. go for a bag that has a secure zip or lock that can keep your bag away from any instant theft or misplacement of stuff.

These are some of the very important tips you have to consider while buying a handbag. Considering these points can save your money and time, as these are the most important ones. Buy a handbag which is a good investment so that it may last for some good time.