Surprising Psychological Traits Detecting Lies


To make a false statement intentionally for self-safety or to deceive is called “Lie”. Every single person in this world had lied at different points of his life somehow to overcome the regret, self-safety, to deceive, fear, for the sake of revenge or to stand over his false assumptions. There are different kind of lies with different scenarios. Detecting lies is easy by psychological traits which can simply identify if a person is telling a lie.

Psychopathic Liars

People who are habitual liars and feels relax of lying instead telling truth and gets uncomfortable by telling truth are called Compulsive or Psychopathic Liars. Such disorder though to be developed in early childhood when children learn to lie to their parents without knowing where to stop.

Surprising Psychological Effects Detecting lies easily

People while communicating with one another uses verbal, vocal and visual signals. Little changes in these cues can helps us detecting if a person is lying.

Speech Hesitation 

Speech hesitation takes place when a person tries to lie over things there be so many reason behind it. But we can detect a lie by listening the statements of a liar carefully. Speech failure includes:

  • Long Pauses
  • Rise And Fall In Tone
  • Improper Word Selection
  • Repetition Of Words/Sentences
  • Incomplete Sentences

speech hesitation

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions changes when we intended to create a false statement they switch from good to bad and bad to good in an instant to hide the truth.

  • Blinking Of Eyes
  • Smiling
  • Fake Laugh
  • Avoids Eye Contacts


One starts to make unwanted movements, unexpected change in body language takes place. Liar scratches his head again and again pretending to remember something. These movements and changes also shows the person is not confident about his speech.



Reaction of a liar is different toward things or situations, they turns out into a soft hearted person with sugary words. They tend to be soft and kind to others. However there inner condition is filled with fear and stress.

These are the best psychological effects which can make easy to detect lies and to start a smart life from eliminating such negative factors from life.