Untangle Your Twisted Life With Simple Rules


People desires to live a simple and easy livelihood. Life with happiness and contentment costs nothings but little important moves to make in life. Today’s advanced life offers us a lot of luxuries that can make lives easy but some times they are way more complicated.

Back in times when I was a child I had a lot of toys I used to go out with my friends, football was my favorite game to play and a great source of enjoyment. When happiness costs nothing, no stress, less burden, when chocolate was a great delight. Growing up in this digital world made my life informal and difficult. As these luxuries and technologies plays favorable role in our lives, on the other hand they have plucked out the little joys of life. Thus, the society has become materialistic, acquisitive and consumerist. The thoughts have changed due to such revolution.

Simplifying life does not mean to live a life into a hut surrounded by woods in peace far away from worldly affairs, but to choose right that can make life easy.

Live The Moment Instead Capturing It

When you spot some eye catching beautiful scenes of nature you grab your phone out and starts capturing it, without noticing that you haven’t enjoyed it to its full. It is more important to live the moment instead of capturing it.

untangle your twisted life

Take Notice Where Are You Spending Your Time

Analyze your whole day activities take notice of your doings. If you’re spending you time on a worthy happening or not? If it is beneficial for you or you’re just wasting your time.

You Can’t Buy Happiness

In this materialistic life people are of thought that they can buy everything. The hustle and bustle of life has made our lives this way that due to the shortage of time, money has got great value. But do you ever realize, that you can’t buy happiness??

Those little joys which demands time and attention cannot be obtained through the means of wealth.


Acceptance is the great tool to get a easy life, acceptance of you own flaws and faults it may strengthen your living and maintains the beauty of your authentic self.

Get Rid Of Emotional Detachments

Stop being cold, frosty and reserved with your circle or loved ones. If you care for them show them at once without hiding and pretending that you damn care about them. Being friendly towards society or people can bring a smile on your face and smile can strain the factors causing stress.


Gratitude is the most powerful element of spending a happy and contended life. Be thankful to others and God can expel the conditions of depression.

Face The Realities

To avoid little bitter realities we starts to cover them up with lies. Own your words and your actions may simplify your life. Avoiding is not the thing but to face the realities is mainstream to work on.

These effortless rules can cheer your life up and bring happiness and satisfaction to your door steps.